Virtual ,Augmented and Mixed Reality…How real can they be?

Virtual ,Augmented and Mixed Reality…How real can they be?

Virtual ,Augmented and Mixed Reality…How real can they be?

Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that only occurs in the digital world. Placing a VR headset on isolates the user from the real world and places them into a virtual world. Walking amongst dinosaurs or floating through the Solar system is an experience that most of us can only dream about, but with Virtual reality the experience is right there in front of you.  Awesome high resolution graphics are coupled with sound and with images that move when you do.It’s just about as real as it can be! But experienced from the safety of the classroom.

Augmented Reality takes place in the real world of the present. Digital imagery and sound are projected into the headset and the user is transported visually to another place . Enjoy the spectacle of the Northern Lights or take a walk around the Tate Modern without the crowds to obstruct your view.  Totally engaging and immersive, it’s easy to see why A.R has become so popular.

Mixed Reality is a combination of both VR and AR. Placing virtual artefacts into the real world environment further enhances the experience of the user.

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